Want to Know the Different Methods to Clean Carpets

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company for Rugs and Carpets

The carpet cleaning methods which are right for a business or home all greatly depend on the amount of traffic they take. It is also extremely important to the lifespan of a carpet to choose a commercial cleaning company that has the products, tools, skill, experience, and equipment necessary to do a good job.Commercial Cleaning Company Boise ID

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These services usually provide several different methods to clean carpets and rugs, they are foam cleaning, shampooing, dry cleaning, steam and bonnet cleaning. In material which method is used, every carpet will first need to be thoroughly vacuumed beforehand.
Carpet cleaning which uses shampooing is one of the least effective methods. Special detergents will be applied to a carpet or rug and agitated. The shampoo will be extracted from the carpet by the vacuuming machine. The detergents used do contain brighteners and deodorizers which will leave a carpet and rug look nice and smell clean, however, most of the dirt and microbes remain deep within the fibers and will come back later.

The dry cleaning way is generally the most preferred, due to the fact there is no waiting time required for the carpets to dry out. This method is done by covering the rug or carpet with a cleaning powder which is made to attract dirt, once this has been worked into the rug or carpet, it will then be vacuumed out.

The foam carpet method is a combination of shampooing and dry cleaning. It uses very little water and foam detergent which will attract the soil. Once this has been worked into the rug or carpet, it will then be vacuumed, removing almost all of the water, dirt, and detergent too.

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