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Your commercial carpeting is everything for you. It keeps your office and building aesthetically-appealing and welcoming. They muffle the footsteps creating a silent and calm work environment. But how can you keep them looking their best? By scheduling a regular cleaning routine with a local commercial cleaning service provider, of course. How can you protect and maintain your valuable commercial carpets in the winter?Commercial Cleaning Service Boise, ID

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Establishing a periodical carpet cleaning routine is the key to having beautiful and clean carpeting. Commercial carpet cleaners plan significant investments with the latest and cutting-edge cleaning tools, equipment, and products. They know how to remove dirt, dust, debris, and stubborn stains on all kinds of carpets. Please have in mind, you should keep that schedule even if they don’t look dirty at first glance. You can find all kind of nasties there, from pollen and different allergens to grit, sand, and smaller particles. Vacuuming alone isn’t enough. Regular in-depth cleaning is what your commercial carpets need to continue to look attractive.

Another tip we can give you is to place a few mats on strategically-chosen places. Perhaps, your entry way or corridor will need one anyway. Place them in areas where people step onto them with dirty shoes and boots, this way, you will prevent wear and tear, and carpet damage too. Scraper mats should be placed to remove snow, mud, and dirt from footwear around all the entry points of a building. Extraction mats are meant to absorb the remaining moisture and dirt from shoes. They are often textured and ribbed to maximize their effectiveness.

In addition, you can put “Wipe your feet” signs in your office or building, so people pay attention to the importance of keeping your facility clean. You can also place a boot tray near doorways to encourage all visitors to leave their dirty shoes and boots there and change them with alternative footwear.

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